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420 Plans-Who is going to San Jose HEMP CON 4/19-4/21 ??? ME!

Anyone thiinking about Attending Hempcon ?

I took off the whole weekend of 4/20 and plan to probably hit up Hempcon Friday / Sunday and maybe go to The Green Door SF on saturday / Hippie hill for 4/20

Anyone else got 4/20 plans ?

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  • Herowalker
    945 days ago

    My plan is to head down to cpa for nug errls and I dont care after that! :D

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    • Quizy
      945 days ago

      NICE !!! Right on man!! I wish i could do that myself!

      943 days ago

      Lol nice herowalker I should be celebrating the birth of my son he’s due 4/15
      So no side trip to Socal oc area quiz?