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Aged Kief?

A local deleviry service has some “Aged Banana OG Kief” that they are selling for 10$ a gram more than there other kiefs.

I’m wondering if it being aged makes it danker, smoother, tastier or that the deleviry is just tying sell old shit.

The only things I know that become better with age is wine and women :)

So is this bullshit or should I try some

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  • kushoholic
    993 days ago

    its just good old Bs…
    Kief is Best the fresher it is, over time the kief becomes dry and harsh
    good kief usually can clump together and bad stuff usually just crumbles like sand.

    also another ripoff going around is that people are selling “kief” and it’ll have a yellow color to it, well its not kief it is pollen from male plants to get extra cash, people claim it has thc but there isnt actually any, but for 10$ a g people will go for it.
    be smart, and look before you buy!~

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    • BlazinAlberts
      993 days ago

      I don’t trust most dispensaries when it comes tto buying kief