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air curing

i got some fire chem dog wax tht had a nice consistancy, not too dry not too moist and had a nice orange like color and overnight i took some dabs and passed out and it changed to a little more moist consistancy even tho i had it in a container. also, it turned to a little darker of a orange, iknow consistencies change overtime, but does anyone kno if i could air cure it back to a less of moist consistancy. the wax tastes and smells just as fire, it just changed in consistancy and color slightly

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  • Mike-420
    952 days ago

    Air curing? Or Air DRYING…

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    • Mrthc_420
      952 days ago

      ive seen videos referring it to air curing

    • Mike-420
      951 days ago

      Dont really see how exposing a concentrate to oxygen would cure it.. Infact logic would dicate that it degrades it..