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Best filter used for BHO extraction?

I have used 2x coffee filters before, but whats the best material to use? I have some Tangerine Dream that I wanna convert to BHO but I wanna do it the best way possible :D

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  • Rudevision93
    1088 days ago

    How have the previous runs been using just the two brown coffee filters because that is what I have been using and I’m satisfied with the yield and filtration? On July 8, 1908 the first coffee filter was created by German housewife named Melitta Bentz. I will be taking a dab in honor of her. CHEERS!!!! …. go to Germany and buy some authentic made Melitta Bentz coffee filters. NOW!!!

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  • dyepber11
    1088 days ago

    Get a stainless steel mesh screen. check source

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    • Phishman24
      1086 days ago

      would a 50 micron mesh from a bubble bag suffice?

    • wildbill
      1081 days ago

      the stainless style one will last alot longer