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best method

trying to find the best method for honey oil. ive been making bomb oil for years. just trying to stay current

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  • SamsonSimpson
    1002 days ago

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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  • Mike-420
    1001 days ago

    Why dont you share with us YOUR method before we go wasting out time explaining a method you may already use?

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    • dom420
      1001 days ago

      glass extraction tube warm water purge sometimes vac purge, 7x+ butane, whipped to wax usually. just trying to see if people had figured out any other ways. ive seen the mason jar extraction before. dont know if it would be any better.

    • letsrun420
      1001 days ago

      ditch the 7x for some vector or newport. NO WHIPPING, vac purge only, even if you have to take it out and heat it repeateadly (just more time consuming). Let your stuff breathe for a few days before smoking it, will change consistencies a bit during this time. im looking into the vac oven now that ive had a pump for a while