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984 days ago in


Bowl stuck in downstem

I’ve tried hot water, rubbing alcohol and heating it up with a torch, none have worked. Any suggestions?

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  • Dleafsmoke
    984 days ago

    joint wax, vaseline or lube.

    You can get joint wax that you apply to the outside of the bowls male connection and it creates a no stick solution for ya. for now some patience and some slippery should do the trick.

    I DONT recommend twisting as I have seen several joints crack that way.

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  • DrjetAZ
    984 days ago

    soak in hot water for 2 hours pull with pliers should come right off worked for me multiple times

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  • StonedHero
    984 days ago

    Submerge them in the highest percent rubbing alcohol you can find and just let them soak. Try to ease them apart about every 30 minutes, if its not coming apart, put it back and try again in another 30 minutes.

    Been there, done that. Try to clean your bowl more often!

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    • BlazinAlberts
      981 days ago

      Word , won’t happen if u clean your glass

  • MrShido808
    984 days ago

    Run under hot water, and GENTLY tap the joint with a wooden spoon, while slowly tugging on the bowl. Sounds stupid and might take two people, but ALWAYS works. unless you got resin stuck in the joint…..

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