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Can I smoke after anesthesia?

I went under for little over 20 minutes for a colonoscopy. The Dr said I shouldn’t drink alcohol, but I didn’t have the heart to ask her about smoking some bud. I didn’t smoke for 2 days prior to the exam and everything went fine. Anybody actually know what they are talking about (inferences are welcome but please let me know that it’s just an educated guess).

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  • ErrlnDank
    1247 days ago

    this is just an educated guess but im ALMOST sure you can smoke bud it shouldnt affect your bowels..

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    • onlinenate
      1247 days ago

      the bud helps my bowels, I’m more concerned about it reacting to the anesthesia. But thanks for the help

  • TtP
    1247 days ago

    I am not anything close to a doctor, but my experience goes as follows. I have always been very open with my doctors about my smoking cannabis. I smoked up to midnight the day before I went in for an upper GI. I told the doctors before I got put under and they gave me some scare story that basically said “YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT!” I got through the 45minute procedure with no problems, no high blood pressure of irregular heart beat. I went directly home and smoked with no problems what so ever. Like I said, I’m nothing close to a doctor, but I don’t think it will hurt to relax a little. Take it slow and keep blazin.

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  • dabbinD666
    1247 days ago

    I smoked fat after and right before my surgerys multiply times

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