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Can you really get high from trimming cannabis?

A buddy of mine that grows says everytime he does his trimming he and his friends helping tend to get stoned. My guess is that you absorb the thc from the plants into your skin?? What do you guys think?

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  • patient
    874 days ago

    You ever tried trimming not stoned? Boring as shit!
    Haha but as for the cannabanoids absorbIng into your skin and getting you high, Not so sure. When using topical ointments made from mmj people don’t experience a “high” just relief. So your buddies might be messin with you but I’m sure they are gettin stoned from all the finger and scissor hash they collect!

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  • Type3Steve
    873 days ago

    I can’t imagine. Maybe if they’re lickin’ fingers alot or gobbling down nugs. Just my experience. I mean, when you get sticky from trimming, you spend more time trying to be unsticky!

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    • Type3Steve
      873 days ago

      If I was that guy I would make my helpers wear latex gloves
      so they can throw them in the freezer so WE all can celebrate at the end of all that hard work! This is the best hash available and usually never gets past the growers doors!

  • alpha
    873 days ago

    Doesn’t do it for me and when I did help a buddy trim I was a month into sobriety-and yes its boring as shit doing it not stoned.

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  • smokee415
    863 days ago

    your friends are pulling your leg….yea they r stoned cuz they r smokin while trimming….u cant trim sober its boring and your back starts to hurt and you hand cramps up and if u have adhd like me you lose all focus….its necessary to b high while doin that kind of work….but as far as just gettin stoned from holding the plant and trimmin it, no it wont make u high

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