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Can you take Dabs out of a normal bowl?

I just got interested in concentrates as my local dispensary just started stocking a new array of waxes. I don’t really have the budget to buy a globe or a skillet. Is it possible to put some concentrate near the bottom of the bowl, heat a nail, and put it over the the wax in the bowl?

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  • TrichJuice
    884 days ago

    Yes sir you can. Just heat the bowl it self and dab right into the inner walls of the bowl. Heres a video link………

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  • Rasta_Dabz
    883 days ago

    Hmmm. The only way I have heard of taking dabs out of a normal bowl is with a “Ti Ladle”. It’s a specially worked Ti nail, that is designed to hang over your bowl piece. Simply heat up the ladle til it gets fire red, place it in your bong/bubbler and dab the wax like that.

    You can find these Ti Ladles available on craigslist. Ive seen them for around $40, you could probably find one cheaper. Cheers!

    P.S. Make sure you clean your bowl/bong/bubbler and all attachments thoroughly before dabbing.

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  • Sm0kindr0
    883 days ago

    The first time I “dabbed” I was trying hash for the first time, I put some flowers in the bowl to act as a screen (smoking it anyways so why not?), then I placed a chunk in the middle of the bowl, heated a piece of broken glass and used it like a wand. Gotta say it worked spectacularly for what I expected out of it. Cheers and May your tokin be easy.

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  • HumboldtCountyRastaz
    876 days ago

    All you have to do is load a bowl of flowers and dab your oil into the flame

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  • SBStoner
    875 days ago

    The best way I have found to take dabs from a normal bowl price is to purchase a heat wand (usually 5 dollars or less) and heat or up, then insert the hot side of the wand into the empty bowl, and begin placing your dab on the wand as your sucking. It works great and is very cost efficient.

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