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Curious about recyclers

I love recyclers but I’m just curious why they are almost entirely made in micros for dabs. I have always been under the understanding that you need relatively little filtration for dabs as it is already the “cream of the crop” and that filtration jeopardizes some flavor. It just seems to me like the re-filtration idea would lend itself more to flower smoke

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  • Lukaroast
    831 days ago

    Its not nessessarily re filtration, its more of separating and suspending each bubble made in the water in the “recycling tube”. Typically, in a piece with more of a resovoir of water it gives better flavor, so the bubble suspending is cooling the hit, without diffusing it more so you can focus on that flavor. This is my way of looking at it.
    but that doesnt mean you cant or shouldnt use the recycling action in a flower piece. I think it would be dope

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  • Herowalker
    831 days ago

    You’re Lukaroast its not really recycling the vapor but the water. All recyclers are trying to put the vapor between water pockets to cool the smoke down and you would be surpised on how little air expansion it gets till it hits your mouth because the small volume of most recyclers. I have seen large scale recyclers that look like that would be beast for flowers.

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