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866 days ago in


Do you ingest butane when using a healthstone?

I have been interested recently in getting either a nail and dome or healthstone, and I have been digging how the healthstone is very quick, efficient, and needs just a small lighter torch. However, my concern is, isn’t all that tane from the torch that you are heating the stone with going straight into your lungs with the vaporized concentrate? Can those experienced among us taste more butane when using a healthstone than when using a nail? Thanks guys!!

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  • StonedHero
    866 days ago

    Honestly, I don’t think you would notice the butane if the healthstone does in fact allow it into the bong. I don’t think anyone knows for sure weather it does or not.

    That being said, screw healthstones and get a nail. Yeah it may take a bit longer but if you want to get the most of out and really enjoy your concentrates, TI is the way to go.

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  • LSDemon
    866 days ago

    HMK curve!!! you will thank me later

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  • J_Robb
    865 days ago

    I advise against a health stone your putting flame to your wax witch will cause you to lose alot of product in an over burn plus the flame with ignite any inpurities in the wax causeing them to harm you instead of just fizzling out on your nail and staying behind. also yes theres no way not to get butane with a health stone cuase your useing burning butane or porpane to light it instead of just heating a peice of metal so yes all around the health stone is super flawed and un safe even tho I know a million people will fight with me about this its just logic to me as a scientist that theres no way to filter out the extra butane your adding only cold water or ice in a bong to pass thro would only remove 60% of the butane you would be inhaling. Safest bet is to get water filter vapor rigs with a nail or swing.

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    • Jumpman
      865 days ago

      dayuuum, you really dont know what ur talking about………………………………………………. “as a scientist”…………………………………………….”adding only cold water or ice in a bong to pass thro would only remove 60% of the butane you would be inhaling”…………………………….i think i got dumber reading that

  • Skyhighler
    861 days ago

    After decades of tiny hippy hash pipes and topping my steamroller with dabs, I’ve been checking out the Health Stone and nail/dome methods, and in my opinion your right, there is only one downside to the Health Stone method, inhaling the burnt butane…flavor and high’s about the same. I keep the house closed up to conserve energy especially at night, and I’d prefer not to be affecting my ambient air supply just to heat a tiny nail red hot over and over again…so back to the Health Stone, minimal use of a single jet torch lighter, and then after many tokes, clear the stone with a few tokes using the Vector Nitro torch, start with the torch FAR from the bowl and go gentle, you may get half a dozen awesome tokes before the stone goes clear. Both methods from what I’ve been reading are sizzling the hash at too high a temperature, so I’ve got a Hakko FX-888 soldering station on order, just dab off the ceramic element, like they do with the Herb Iron (there are Herb Iron slides/bowls made just for this purpose,) only my soldering station will have a higher wattage (heats faster,) with precise, feedback controlled temperature. I hope you find what works best for you! Peace! John
    http://forum.grasscity.com/other-toking-tools/276596-lighting-your-herb-soldering-iron-introduction-tutorial-review.html (pics of a soldering station modded for herb or concentrates)

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