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Does anyone have experience with Cali Connection seeds?

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  • DrjetAZ
    923 days ago

    i have run the larry and tahoe.. people will stay thier shit herms.. some does but if you find your keeper pheno your set! they definietly have some bomb seeds but you gotta work to find your keepers.. research the strain your thinking of getting i really liked the tahoe.. the larry was nice to but didnt find any worthy “keepers” imo.. but he is the only person with the legit Chem 91 Sk VA so anything bred with that should be phenomonal i have 10 more larry and 10 CHem 91 skva S1′s that i need to pop.. so ill give them these last 20 beans and see how they do but i have nothing negative to say about them.. and about the herms no one buys a 10 pack with the intention of keeping all 10 phonos imo so say you only get 1-2 keepers per 10 pack thats fine you have to realise that your paying 100+$ for the strain not 10 seeds if that makes sense.. and if your gonna order TCC seeds go to hollistic nursery and keep it in america.. they are in sd good people fast shipping im in az got my order in 2 days plus they dont have the possiblity of the beans getting fried by the xray machines when shipping packages (seeds) international from cali to UK back to the us whereever you are thats 2 passes thru some intense radiation.. i cant prove that the radiation does much to the seeds but its definitely not good for your beans all jsut food for thought good luck!

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