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Does eating mangos before blazing get you higher?

I’ve heard that there is a chemical in mangos that helps thc absorb into your bloodstream thus getting you higher. I tried this out but didn’t take time in setting up an experiment or anything like that, i just ate a mango and got stoned with my friends.

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  • Chubbs
    1282 days ago

    Not sure as I never really have access to good, fresh mangos. Maybe this summer I’ll test this theory.

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    • TheOriginalDanK
      1279 days ago

      It works, but not in the way people would like to think. Mangoes increase the amount of mycrene in your system, which lets THC flow through the blood/brain barrier more quickly. Mycrene essentially makes it so that less potent bud will get you more buzzed than usual. If you already have good bud, then the mango thing is worthless. At best it makes the high a little longer

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  • molloy
    1280 days ago

    Scientifically, yes it does work on a biological level. But I tried to test this out myself with a mango smoothie from Tropical Smoothie (they use real fruit so it’s the same as just eating a few mangos). When I was testing it I was smoking everyday, multiple times a day, so I didn’t really notice that I got any higher than usual, even after ripping my friend ROOR a couple of times. I’m betting that this only works if you take at least a one week T break, eat about 5 mangos (or whatever a lot is), then smoke heavily about 45 minutes later, and you should get exceptionally ripped.

    tl;dr: The mangos do allow more THC to be absorbed, but you need to eat a lot of mangos, and you need to have a low tolerance in the first place to experience a noticeable difference.

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  • StonedHero
    1279 days ago

    I’ve heard this before an old post on Grasscity suggests, “one of the main terpenes in marijuana is myrcene, it helps THC molecules cross through the blood-brain barrier. Very ripe/overripe mangos contain a lot of myrcene so one way to get higher is by eating a very ripe mango 20 minutes before smoking, it helps the THC go right into the brain.”

    The science is there, but if you will really feel a huge difference in your high, I doubt it. I guess i’ll just have to try!

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