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Does Marijuana really fosters creativity for all smokers?

Is it something you control by how much and what you smoke or is this merely a co-incidence cited as an effect by some?

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  • DaberNachi
    923 days ago

    Cannabis primary properties is its ability to increase hyper priming which is your ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated concepts.

    Also smoking helps reduce your inhibitions which allows for thoughts to flow more freely.

    A lot of famous artists, authors, screenwriters have credited marijuana in helping them overcome writers block.

    So yes blaze it and you will be more creative

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  • Impulse
    923 days ago

    i think depending on how high you get. when i smoke a little bit im still very focused and in control. if i get way too fucked up i could easily be trying to text someone and still be stuck on one sentence for 15min, spacing out. id say smoke sativa!!

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  • StonedHero
    923 days ago

    I think it is pretty obvious that this will vary from person to person. I’m not sure that it has made me more creative because I have always been artistic and thought about things in a creative way.

    A lot of smokers just smoke and sit there and do nothing. I don’t see the creativity in that…

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  • EternalSunshine
    923 days ago

    It definitely varies from person to person and strain to strain. Sometimes smoking will get me thinking very creatively and other times my mind just goes blank.

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  • GGLynzee
    922 days ago

    I think it depends on the person, their interests, and NOTHING does the same for everybody…. we are all different :)

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  • 922 days ago

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