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Dub Glass Quality?

Was looking at a small bore beaker bottom tube by Dub Glass on hpg, wondering if anyone has any experience with any of Dubs pieces.

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  • Dleafsmoke
    998 days ago

    Was wondering the same thing after seeing some large “cracks” or “cuts” in the glass in the close ups on several of the Dub pieces on HPG. Seeing as they are the same price as other brand names Id go with another company. The new Toro macros on HPG are $197 and are the same price as a showerhead tube with a hose mouthpiece by Dub.

    I wouldn’t be the first person to take the leap and purchase one of these pieces has anyone?

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  • facebandNY
    998 days ago

    you can see a nice big crack in the picture of the downstem of the pregnant showerhead on hpg (link in source). i see bubbles, scratches, and uneven spots also. doesn’t look very good to me at all

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