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Fullmelt vs ‘Ice Wax’

First off, why is Nikka T calling his full melt ‘solventless’? Please go back to chemistry class and learn water is a solvent, Nikka T…

Anyway, this has been bothering me ever since I converted from BHO to full melt. What is the difference between full melt and ice wax? I assume it’s just a term Matt Rize coined for his full melt to make it sell?

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  • Hashblast
    544 days ago

    You are correct. It’s all marketing for nikka t and matt rize but same basic product in full melt hash

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  • 559airandtrees
    544 days ago

    from what ive heard the ice wax is made with the water is aeroaited(sp) with water stones before going threw bubble bags and the full melt isnt agiated. but this is what ive heard i could be totally wrong or 100 percent correct.

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    • StonedHero
      544 days ago

      Anyone can purify water dude.

    • 559airandtrees
      544 days ago

      its not the purifying its the adding of 02 to the mix thats different from making regular full melt. but yeah its basically a new way to label a product to push instead of justing calling it danker full melt

  • BubbleH
    544 days ago

    Water is a solvent but isn’t acting as a solvent in the process of making bubble hash, because the trichome head is merely carried through the water.. Unlike butane dissolving the trichome head as a solute.

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    • StonedHero
      544 days ago

      I know what you mean. I agree.

  • portland
    544 days ago

    To my knowledge ice wax is just very high quality full melt, and when they run the chunks through a micro plane it ends up in a greasy waxy texture.

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    • StonedHero
      543 days ago

      Bomb full melt comes from fresh plant material. Even uncured plant material straight off a fresh plant. In doing so the material is so fresh and pre soaked that it wont break up in little micro pieces like dry trim would. The fresh trim is also pre-frozen so the trichomes break off easier.

      That’s how I get dabble ice water wax anyway.