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944 days ago in


Getting thrush??

Hey guys just wanted to get some opinions, have any of you got thrush from either bud or oil?
I made a batch for my buddy, wasnt the best bud, but the oil was pretty good. So right after a small dab party everyone left and then I developed, THRUUUUUSH.

For people like me who never knew what thrush is, its a fungal infection, looks like someone splattered cream cheese all the back of your mouth.

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  • Madtownbuddha
    944 days ago

    I’m not super familiar but I know it’s a fungal infection. Most likely you picked it up from the people you were smoking with :/

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  • alpha
    944 days ago

    thrush-from what I know is mainly seen in small children. The bud wasn’t molded was it?

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    • Hans420
      943 days ago

      I’m not sure since it cam from a friend and not my caregiver but we made it into oil…does mold tranfer over sorry im a noob when it comes to crap tranfering over into oil.

  • Trichhead
    944 days ago

    Shouldnt be a big deal and it should heal on its own as long as your in good health check source

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    • Hans420
      944 days ago

      I went and got an anti fungal medication, kicked its ass in 12 hours. I still cant smoke and i dont want to till the soreness goes away. Thanks for the reply man.