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how can i make some cheap bho/hash?

trying to find a way to makesome cheap bho or hash

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  • killacoldhearted
    1000 days ago

    Make some ice hash with a blender…put ice and ur bud in the blender and pour almost al the water out into a jar and pour the rest through a coffee filter over a jar…and then in 30 min get the water u pouted out in the beginning and pour it through another filter

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  • 999 days ago

    You get what you put in, with anything in life. I smoke BHO to get the best quality medicine I can.

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  • C-Nev
    999 days ago

    Get a vaporizer whip, take the tube out. then you can fill it with bud. The end where the tube was, is the right size to insert the butane attachments. Then you could just fill it up and run it, then empty it and fill it up again and do that until the can is gone, but make sure you get as much as possible out of the herb before emptying it. SInce i’m not in a medical state yet that’s how I do it and it works great. And if you are wanting a purge method, the classic vac purge works like no other. But if not you could do it in a stove, but make sure it’s not too high of a temperature so it doesn’t get burnt.

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    • Oilhead420
      999 days ago

      Isn’t that whip plastic? I hope it’s glass man.

    • C-Nev
      959 days ago

      I don’t use the plastic tube, i use the glass part that you pack the weed into, that would be worse than PVC pipe.

  • Dleafsmoke
    999 days ago

    BHO can be very inexpensive to make. You dont have to use primo nugs. Some alternatives are stems, sugar trim, roaches and even vapo bud. You can make oil using any of these. Dont be expecting great quantity or quality but its some cheap BHO.

    A friend of mine collects his stems and trims leaf off all his bud. After he has collected enough (usually once a month) to fill a tube and do a run he does. Its usually a darker caramel color and has a very generic waxy taste, very medicating for those that dont dab.

    I owned a vaporizer for about 6 months and found that there is very little do with all the excess vapod bud. This method has the lowest yield, but if you have a QP that your going to toss out its some free oil.

    I have never made BHO out of roach’s but I know some friends that have… also “MastahRoller**” on ewwtube has a full video of doing an oil push with only roaches.

    Unfortunately alot of these methods substitute time for $$ as collecting leafs or roaches here and there can take time, but its almost free

    **Do Not cheap out on the butane you use to press, use 5x filtered**

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    • leftover421
      999 days ago

      LMAO! I love how you avoided the which butane is better argument by just stating “use 5x filtered”! Good job, let’s hope it works!

  • TrichomeHead
    998 days ago

    Put weed in a jar, fill it to just over the level of the weed with 91% isopropyl alcohol, shake it for a minute or 2, filter it thru a coffee filter onto a plate, wait for it to evaporate then scrape it off the plate with a razor and enjoy!

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