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How do i make shatter and how do i make wax?

I’d like to know the difference in technique used when making wax or when making shatter…i know how to blast and i know how to hot water purge. I also just got an auto vac and a chamber, the vac can pull 30 and stays there for as long as i want. I would like to know what it takes to make both these types, please refer to temp, prep before putting in the vacuum and initial steps after blasting. How long do i vac and how many times before its done.

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  • StonedHero
    960 days ago

    Try typing in “How to make wax” or How to make shatter” in the search bar. Tons of questions that have been very well answered with several different methods on how to make both.

    Seek knowledge, don’t wait for it to come to you.

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    • Quizy
      960 days ago

      That was not the answer to his question.. this is supposed to be like yahoo answer i think.. where even if it’s a simply answered / linked question.

    • 960 days ago

      Answers is a database, searching is key! I’ve respectfully looked up peoples questions in the search bar for them and posted the link in my source link but I really shouldn’t have to do that for people ;) I see a lot of the same questions being asked over and over and thats b/c people aren’t aware of the fact its DATABASE full of knowledge, just search!

    • Mike-420
      959 days ago

      ^^ I basicly tell everyone the same thing only ya’ll call me an asshole when i do it.. :P

      I just dont sugar coat shit for you kids :D

    • 958 days ago

      LOL Mike!

  • MrShido808
    959 days ago

    this seems more like a question for a full on forum. There are SOOOOOOOOO many videos on YT now about this…..

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  • DankHydroKush
    959 days ago

    Time is the only difference, if your seriously asking this because you dont know then u obviously have no experience with making oil and have prob never dabbed in your life. And some strains wont allow a shatter consistency generally because of too many amber trichs or high in CBD. But also temperature plays a role, here on the east coast Shatter is much easier to see in the winter and sexi oil is no where but in the summer shatter is no were to be found and sap is every where lol cuz the heat

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    • ErrlDabman
      959 days ago

      truth^ east coast dabbin

    • DrjetAZ
      959 days ago

      i call bs only cuz i can pull glass shatter in the summer in AZ!! 110 in the chamber is 110 in the chamber.. weather it was heat from a water bath or heat from mother earth gotta love az summer runs it does the work for you! i would offer proof but dont know how to prove dates in photos till then summer is close i can prove it then if you dont believe!

    • DankHydroKush
      958 days ago

      i wasnt saying everything is shatter in the winter, like i said strain depending, but im serious, shatter is much more prevalent in the winter vs summer because the temps are sooo much colder so the oil at room temp is 60F but in the summer its like 75F, im talking about after its been purged and your dabbing it

  • TheBigDabowski
    958 days ago

    Short answer wax is underpurged / over purged usually caused by to little or to much heat. Uneven heat can be a deadly shatter killer.

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    • StonedHero
      951 days ago

      Eh too much heat usually shatters up because you melt the wax. Not a true shatter, but shattery non the less.