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958 days ago in


how do you know if your glass hot wand is too hot or too cold?

and..besides an herb iron or vaping,whats the best way to get flavor from a bong rip?

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  • soursteve
    958 days ago

    The glass wand is hot enough when it burns the weed, and the best way to get flavor from a bong rip is to take a small to medium sized toke off a fresh bowl hitting it straight in the center.

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    • chris138
      958 days ago

      thnks…much appreciated..

  • Cee9
    958 days ago

    I guess you know when you try to take a hit if it’s not working then heat it some more lol.

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  • brodiemaxa
    957 days ago

    Personally, I just heat my wand until it is glowing (think heating a glass nail) and then go in on the hit. The wand should stay hot enough for 10-15 seconds.

    To get the best flavor, I like to start by hovering the wand just above the herb. If you find the sweet spot distance wise, you can vaporize your herb instead of burning it. I like to watch the top of my bowl turn from green to brown (looks exactly like vaped herb) and then go in and ignite the bowl to finish the snap. This method provides for the best flavor I’ve personally gotten from a bong rip. Hope this helps.

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    • 957 days ago

      Word, that’s how I like to do it as well. Gotta vape the terps b4 you burn the snap no doubt! Flavor town :D