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How does one make golden flake?

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  • 1183 days ago

    You’d have to be dealing with a true shatter, not Oil that looks like shatter and then turns to budder overnight or in a few days.. if its true shatter and its broken down by being shaved or smashed it will leave u with a gold flake texture.

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  • Dleafsmoke
    1183 days ago

    The “gold flake” sold around here is actually just dehydrated BHO that has turned into a parmesan cheese like texture or “flake”. It is achieved here by keeping the oil exposed to oxygen and allowing it to essentially dry up.

    I never find a get the same quality flavor when bho is in flake form. It can also be hell to work with if your a dabber, great for topping bowls though.

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    • DankHydroKush
      1183 days ago

      I love seeing gold flake melt over my bowls. Lol ppl think it’s keif a lot n when they see it melt away ( not burn like keif ) they get all excited haha