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How hard is it to extract Only the CBD from either plant matter or a concentrate?

I live on the east coast and am the primary caregiver for my uncle with Parkinson’s. Most recently, while doing an butane extraction for myself, he unexpectedly walked in and saw the material(buds)i was using. After talking a little about it and him trying it later on, we learned that it actually did help him in a way, but the high was a little too strong. So as I said, I live on the east coast and because of this unjust system cant find a clinic that has CBD tincture or CBD high strain.

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  • Jumpman
    951 days ago

    even if it was simple to do, unless you have a high cbd strain, its going to cost too much. you’d half to run like 150 grams just to get 1 gram of cbd oil.

    i dont know if is possible to do what ur saying, but i do know another way you could get a high cbd oil. i’ve read people talk about how alcohol extracts more cbd then butane, so when you make bho, you dont get all the cbd from the plant. you can start saving the bud from ur bho runs, and once you have enough, you qwick wash it in some alcohol(qwiso method) and all you’ll pretty much extract is the cbds that the butane didnt extract.

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    • ErrlDabman
      951 days ago

      Yo surprisingly I think this may work. Grab some 99% iso off of amazon and make some iso hash, When I make Iso I use the same electric hotplate, pyrex dish, and water boiler convection process as bho. Only I use a higher temperarure to boil the water left in the product. I know that the already ran buds have mainly CBD because we extracted most of the THC and a friend of mine personally dehydrates my post-run and uses to medicate without getting incredibly high. Mostly to fall asleep when he’s been taking zany’s. Ive suggested against this but butane evaps at 33 F so it should be okay enough to smoke if been completely dried, i hope.

  • Mcdabbers503
    951 days ago

    I’d advise you to save your rerun or used material and run it for him it should be mostly Cbn CBd and should be way more of what he is looking for… Although u won’t get a whole lot it is what I put in my moms salve

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  • Tree_Hash_Cannoisseur
    951 days ago

    another an oil rig if not done up reclaim.extract reclaim.make chocolate. watch dosages cuz too much and night night

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  • Feathers
    949 days ago

    Have you ever thought talking to your doctor about getting him a prescription for Marinol?
    Marinol is a medication that comes in pill form that carries only CBDs, no THC. I have been prescribed that and it helps me a lot, especially on days when my symptoms are the worst. I have heard that the only problem with it is that not all insurances will cover it, but with the last two insurance companies I’ve had have covered it, no problem.
    Good luck!

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      948 days ago

      Marinol was made by Gov therefore expensive as shit if your insurance Dont cover

    • Feathers
      948 days ago

      As I said above, two different insurance companies,(which I will not list here for anonymities sake) , Have covered it, and given me a $10 copay.
      So my point is that yes, some insurances do cover it.
      I realize not all insurance companies cover it, just that there are at least two that do.

    • chitownbud
      947 days ago

      uhhhhh no offense but its kinda sad your taking marinol and you dont even know whats in it… contains thc its just synthetic not natural like you would find in cannabis