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How to refill VaporX XL cartridge?

I have a VaporX XL vape pen ( in the past I have bought prefilled carts in LA area but cannot find any at this time (let me know if you know any places).

I have empty carts but cannot figure out how to fill them myself. (The instructions talk about e juice). Can I simply screw in a filled omicron cart and puff away? Or, how do I go about added oil to my vaporx carts?

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  • Oilhead420
    1144 days ago

    Screw the ivapr and all the ones that use cotton and wicks, they were meant for e cigs, marketed for hash oil and wax and only happen to slightly work. Get yourself an omicron, I think they might even have a trade in program right now, or a thermovape revolution/DART. Those are the only 2 reputable and best working hash oil/wax vaporizers at the moment. The thermovape is load as you go, like a dab at a time, 2 or 3 hits, but is the best tasting vaporizer period. The omicron takes some used too, filling can be getting used to and priming, clogs, leaks, ect. The thermovape revolution is pretty legit IMO, check em out. I have owned both the omicron and thermovape revolution. There are more threads on that you will find helpful.

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