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Im making edibles just wondering how much claim per dose i should use??

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  • Mike-420
    962 days ago

    Well first you should understand that eating reclaim is not gonna produce the same type of high eating BHO or infused foods with THC…

    Reclaim is more of an actual medicine then anything.. a good 1/2 gram dose will put you to sleep at night and keep you there for a good 9-10 hours.. It will produce a SMALL body buzz but nothing like smoking a joint would do..

    The best idea also is to tie up the reclaim with coconut oil.

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    • Wentworth
      962 days ago

      What about adding qwiso, do I have to cook it in the oil, like cannaoil, or just ,is it with the coconut oil..thanks…. Also how much qwiso should I add, I made cannaoil with a 1/2 oz

    • Wentworth
      962 days ago

      1 1/2 cups oil

    • Tree_Hash_Cannoisseur
      962 days ago

      the reclaim is already been activated so you dont have to heat it up, u will have to melt the coconut oil to infuse each has already been decarboxkjsdhgfkjdsf..u know:)

  • Dleafsmoke
    962 days ago

    I put 1 gram of reclaim into 1 fluid oz of coconut oil (just under 2 table spoons) and let i sit on low for a good 20 minutes stirring once in a while to make sure the claim doesnt just stick to the bottom. The Tincture I make makes about 50 double dose lozenges or 100 doses. dont know if this will help you out, good luck making edibles. I will agree that claim high is a very lazy almost CBD effect high. I like to use it at night to mellow out or to counter act crazy sativa highs.

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      962 days ago

      Again thanks for thorough answer @dleafsmoke