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Is parchment paper good to use as plate for bho

im going to be coming into some bho concentrates and want to know if i can place wax/bho onto parchment paper while im handling it before a dab or puttin ot on a bowl.

do i have to use a specific paper like one that doesnt have chemicals or somethin

thx for the help

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  • Mike-420
    462 days ago

    Its prefered to use unbleached parchment paper no wax paper!!!

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  • DaberNachi
    462 days ago

    Where I live in Cali all the dispensaries I go to put concentrates on parchment paper, if the concentrate is sticky enough to stick to the container. Not only is it easier to work with but sometimes if you get your concentrates in the small soft plastic containers you can accidentally scrape some plastic off from the container and have it in your dab.

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  • Skyhighler
    462 days ago

    The cheap traditional stuff (~$3 to $7 per roll) is untreated, the ~$20 per roll stuff contains silicone…both can be had bleached or unbleached. Search Amazon for parchment paper, it’ll all come up. I use bleached traditional I got from Stator’s for $3 and fold it up into packets like this: and this: Peace, John

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  • Impulse
    462 days ago

    parchment all day!!! a homie and i both bought a gram of shatter bros for 80. it was inside of a glass container and im pretty sure i lost $10 of oil because its stuck.

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  • JGwntworth
    461 days ago

    Try to use the brown parchment as its usually un bleached

    If you really want to get down to it also its wise to scrape just a plain piece of the paper with your Dabber or a razor blade just to see if any thing scrapes up witch would get into your oil some times the company’s coat the paper in silicone and other things to give its smooth and non sticky texture I’m pretty sure Reynolds does this you don’t want that to potentially leech into your oil so it never hurts to get a dish even a cheap clear dish but parchment is great for travel I like to get my parchment from the natural food stores in my town whole foods ,trader joes ,staff of life they always have unbleach all natural parchment same thing goes with my coffe filters for my extractions

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