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874 days ago in


Is the Toro 7/13 worth the money?

So my Lhs just threw some toros on the shelf and I was always interested in buying toro. Although I understand that it is very high quality glass, I have some reservations about switching from my waffle to ungridded trees. Is the rip on the 7/13 smooth enough to justify the loss of an extra 400-500 dollars??

  • Answers (6):

  • User Submitted Answers:


  • SamsonSimpson
    874 days ago

    If it was me, and im only worried about the function of the perc, I’d just stick with the waffle. Your getting just as smooth of a hit. Is the toro clear or does it have any work on it? 7/13 toros are like the OG of toros. They are without a doubt high quality and produce super clean an smooth hits, BUT, a lot has changed since those pieces were introduced to the market. There are lots of other companies that make great pieces that are on the toro level but are a lot more affordable. 400 for a 7/13 isn’t a bad deal at all tho.

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    • rizzleb
      874 days ago

      thank you that could have been a big mistake. i know im looking for an even smoother hit but i cant decide what exactly i want. do you think a waffle with an ashcatcher would be smoother than ordering a SG stemline? i got some money burning a hole in my pocket if u cant tell

    • SamsonSimpson
      874 days ago

      Lol yeah man it sounds like you’ve got some cash to spend. I wouldn’t put an a/c on your waffle. IMO a/c add too much resistance to a piece. I think that you’ve got a badass piece already and there’s not too much else above a waffle for smoothness. I really want to get a disc diffused slide for my waffle and see how that effects it. Do you dab or mainly just smoke buds? If your dabbin enough maybe think about adding a nice little oil rig to your collection you can def find something sweet for 400.

    • rizzleb
      874 days ago

      I have a stereo matrix I’ve been using as an oil rig. Since I still live with my parents I’ve preferred buying tubes that can double as Rigs and flower pieces. I’m really happy with both that and the waffle, but maybe a toro is just what I need to put the Icing on the cake

    • SamsonSimpson
      874 days ago

      Yeah it def sounds like a toro would round out your collection. What about a micro double can? There’s some for sale on nuggetry glass. Check it out

    • rizzleb
      873 days ago

      actually the shop had a double micro froth to froth with slyme accents that i was really eying. i imagine the 7/13 would outhit this thing for flowers though correct? I dont think it would be practical for me to go this route cuz unless it hit well for flowers cuz i dont feel it would be practical to have to buy another dab set for 14 mm

    • SamsonSimpson
      873 days ago

      I’ve personally never hit a micro double can. But if you search for the user who goes by Lepy and ask him I bet he could tell you. That dude is rolling in toros :D

    • rizzleb
      873 days ago

      ^i fucking love this guy. thanks for keeping up on my posts i really appreciate it

  • Blazejeff
    874 days ago

    Samson makes a good point but a toro is still a toro. And let’s be honest who is ever disappointed with a toro?

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    • SamsonSimpson
      874 days ago

      Correct! But also ask how many people have a 7/13 that just chills in the cabinet.

  • sallysalOG
    874 days ago

    Cant go wrong with the toro! The 7/13 has virtually NO drag, even with attachments, Hits like a champ! I found one for 300 on the internet, you just gotta look around!

    0 users found this HELPFUL
    • rizzleb
      874 days ago

      If you don’t mind would you u be willing to pm me with some info on that assuming u don’t scoop it urself?

  • DabbrNachi
    874 days ago

    If you havnt already see if you can have the head shop fill up the piece with water and take a couple of pulls through it. My personal opinion is that while toro is no doubt top quality glass you do pay a bit extra for the brand name. The only time i would ever but a toro is used from someone for a good price.

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  • Chronicpre2000
    873 days ago

    I’ve got the toro and hits the smoothest out of my pieces
    How bad do you want one is what got to ask yourself with the price
    But is worth it in my book

    1 users found this HELPFUL
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  • DaBroner
    873 days ago

    7/13 micro replaced my sg mini stemline for flowers.

    I didn’t want to add an ashcatcher so I opted for the double perc. Was looking for a tube that could handle both flowers and oils. Wanted it to be compact and easy to travel with and at only 9″ tall you can’t beat it. Super easy to hit with a smooth pull. I’ll get rid of it if I can have a mini stem 8 or stem inv4 8.

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