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Is there any way to achieve a wax or even honeycomb state without a vacuum?

Is it possible? I am a college student and money’s tight right now, so I am wondering if you were to heat some oil on a griddle, low and slow for two days or so if you would end up with a true wax or even honeycomb?

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  • Mcdabbers503
    950 days ago

    I used to purge all my oils on my Xbox kept them about 115ish for a long ass time 2 hours in it will start to wax but let it sit ATLEAST 4 hours a gram I used to get wax all the time. True honeycomb without a vac would be hard tho

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    • Mcdabbers503
      950 days ago

      Some times your oils refuse to wax tho and you just get sap no matter how long you leave it on your Xbox

    • Herowalker
      950 days ago

      like mcdabber said he would be very hard to get a true honeycomb with out a vac. wax can still be achieved but will take time out of your day!

    • MrTyler
      950 days ago

      lol xbox thats a good idea. Before i got my vac i used to put it in a sealed container in my hottub lmao

    • Mcdabbers503
      950 days ago

      Lol a hottub lovin the innovativeness

  • Chef
    950 days ago

    A food dehydrator.

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