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I’ve got a fever… and the only presicription is some Sovereignty Glass! Help needed

If I know that my glass grail is the stem-8, would you recommend going balls to the walls in my search but possibly waiting a long time to locate one, instead of picking up a King Stemline right now?

Never having hit an SG, I’m really relying on this community for advise. Would I be taking a loss setting aside the stem8 for a later date and chilling on a king stem or would i be making a mistake? Also, in terms of smoothness of the hit alone, how would the king compare to the regular? Thank you

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  • MrTyler
    965 days ago

    Its really personal preference in my opinion. I myself prefer the kingstem because even with flowers i like only one filtration. The stem-8 is great, very little drag just a bit more chug and of course smoother than the king. If you think its worth the wait, i would wait. I waited for the mini bent neck kingstem and it was definitely worth it, but they hardly see the shelf so you gotta be quick lol

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    • rizzleb
      965 days ago

      could you imagine a previous owner of a 16 inch sheldon black and 18 inch illadelph straight tube as seeing the king stemline as too big? things looks like a cannon and i dont wanna open the box and feel like i overdid it

    • MrTyler
      964 days ago

      Yea thats a tough choice. They are 18” tall so it may be a bit big (It would be more me at least) i know how you feel not being able to hold a piece in your hand before you buy it. Sometimes ya just gotta go for it.

    • MrTyler
      964 days ago

      There are a couple of full sized kingstems on nuggetry glass for sale, you could get it a little cheaper then on aqualabs.

    • DinoJP
      964 days ago

      i had a 16″ and 19″ straight shot sheldon black before i got a king stemline. the sovereignty is definitely a lot beefier but i think it would be a good buy. u can still take fat rips and its supper smooth. ive also herd that the stem/8 takes away a lot of flavor but i have never personally hit one. good luck!