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845 days ago in


Medical Marijuana makes me sleepy, why?

30 yrs ago, I could smoke and mostly just trip.Then, all of that time went by and I got a back injury, so I use medical marijuana. I think for pain, they recommend mostly Indica; so I get a hybrid.Anyway, about half the time, it puts me to sleep. I sleep a lot, because of the pain and side effects; and sometimes I’d rather be alert AND not in pain. Have pot strains or medical pot strains become stronger that way, or can more Sativa in the mix help with pain and wakefulness, too?

  • Answers (8):

  • Tokeahontas
    845 days ago

    If you have a collective that you go to, ask about high CBD strains. They are great for pain/body relief but don’t really make you feel high. It’s more of a muscle-relaxing effect without totally putting you to sleep.

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    • Bea
      843 days ago

      Thanks! I found this after reading your answer…I can’t seem to find a way to just add an overall response to my own question…Anyway, this is sort of summing up what you’ve all reminded me of: you dont just want high CBD, you want high quantities of roughly 8-10 other inactive cannabinoids (cannabis plants usually contain 60+ cannabinoids; although, THC, CBD, and CBN are the only ones folks really know about). Obvioulsy, you do not want high CBN…no bueno.You want a strain that works on the back PAIN, yet lets you be alert, right? While most of the recommendations above are HEAVY Indicas, they are all likely to make you drowsy. Our strain is a Sativa/Indica hybrid with high CBD/THC and other cannabinoids (proprietary info). This strain is called “A4.” It has extreme anti-inflammatory effects, almost perfect pain relief (for neuropathies), will ASSIST in sleep; however, will keep you well alert when you want to be. We have brokers that get this one out to as MANY collectives as possible.”
      Of course, all of the links provided were dead ends. I doubt I can find it, even by calling around…But, I’ll try. Any advice on how to find a dispensary that really knows their stuff? The last guy seemed like an old dude that had really been around, but maybe back pain isn’t his area.

  • User Submitted Answers:


  • Chronicle
    845 days ago

    The reason you’re sleeping is BECAUSE of the Indica. Try yourself a pure pure pure sativa and see if you aren’t back in the good ol days of smokin :D

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  • Stimulator
    845 days ago

    i think u should get a lil more sativa in and try to keep some indica for the cbds for your back

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  • Tree_Hash_Cannoisseur
    845 days ago

    5-10% THC compared to 18-30% THC :D

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  • Rasta_Dabz
    845 days ago

    There are so many hybrid strains now a days, I would try going to a shop that knows their medicine inside and out. Ask them if they can get you a sativa dominant hybrid, that will help with your pain and keep your mind alert. I have had many purple sativas that do the trick. Like a Purple Haze, Purple Jack, Purple Wreck, Purple Crack, etc.

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  • dnugmaster
    845 days ago

    stay away from indicas if you don’t want the sleepyness. try to find a sativa strain you really like and go with that

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  • Burny_MOTA
    843 days ago

    I think this is where testing helps as you’ll find that some sativas are also high in CBD. Jack Herer comes to mind. I’ve seen as high as 24% THC with 2.4% CBD. That’s of course if you want both the high and pain relief. If not, as Tokeahontas mentioned the high CBD strains (low THC) will do the trick.

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  • spkavyo
    841 days ago

    I also have back and leg pain issues caused by nerve damage. You can try Durban Poison, a pure sativa with pain killing action. I’ve also used White Rhino for back pain, not much headiness, but pure body bliss and pain relief. I sometimes mix White Rhino with a Diesel strain to get head and body going. I’ve also had good luck with 50/50 hybrids.

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