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Quartz vs Ti nails

Which do you prefer and why?

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  • Dleafsmoke
    946 days ago

    I love my Ti. I have cycled through multiple version of the Highly Educated series and loved them. Started years ago with a V2, got a v3 soon after release and a freind just got an HE domeless. I find that flavor, durability and heat retention are all amazing and would not switch back to glass or quartz. I am currently looking into an Infiniti nail, its $150 but broken down you get 2 nail heads ($75/each cheaper than any other HE nails) and it works on every 14/18 DI and 14/18 female fitting.

    I have heard horror stories with quartz, Ive seen black smoke, I have personally only tried quartz once, it was well seasoned and didnt ruin the hit, but 2 days later the nail broke while the rig was being cleaned.

    Ti will last, the V3 or adjustable nails from most brands will allow you to buy just new tops, making it cheaper in the future.

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  • ipokesmot
    946 days ago

    i have to be honest, besides the looks of them i dont find any different ti nails wether its domeless or domed.

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  • DrjetAZ
    945 days ago

    quartz is nice not gonna hate… the honey hole puts in work but i rock ti.. just take good care of it so it lasts and change your head regularly.. seasoning the ti correctly will add allot of time to the nails life along with not overheating and never heat when wet or get wet when hot.. the ccc seasoning technique is very bad for the ti although it will take the polish off the nail it wont season the nail

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