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Shatter in colorado

Does anyone know of any other companies besides top shelf extracts that produce quality shatter in the denver, colorado springs area, pueblo area?

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  • Chubbs
    835 days ago

    I’d like to know about this as well. Anyone?

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    • ace710420
      835 days ago

      I did look around some more and there is a company that Dandelion in boulder carries on there menu it says ALL CARE shatter and there is a couple strains i think this may be another company not for sure though.

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  • Chumpkin5
    835 days ago

    Go to green dream in boulder. They carry exclusive top shelf extract shatters. I have been a few times while on vacation and it is some of the best flavor I have ever had.

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  • shmitdabs
    743 days ago

    check out riverrock man, their shatter is to DIE FOR

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