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Shopping for a New Bong

I went to my local headshop today looking around for 1 1/2 foot straight shot.

The shop had:

a couple of no label 9mm bongs that went for around $150

And a bunch of roors, illedelphs, and zobs that were $300+

So my question is this. Is there really a difference other than the label on these bongs? If i were to get one of the roors or w/e, would i just be paying for the brand? the 9mm is obviously more durable right? doesn’t the downstem change the smoothness of the hit not the bong?

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  • doctorwizzy
    968 days ago

    roors are whack as fuck, if u were droppin 3points on a piece zobs r pretty nice, I wouldn’t go for a straight tube tho. Somethin with percolation for sure, all straight tubes r pretty whack and I wouldnt pay more than a hundo for one. Seriously tho dude save ur loot and when you have more like 6hundo you can be lookin at high end production pieces, which are sooo worth it imo, feel like a boos every time u hit tht shit.

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  • Brennen_CPA
    967 days ago

    Save my friend. High End Glass All THE WAY!

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  • Kenobi
    967 days ago

    if you’re going to spend $300+ on a piece you might as well get an SG, SGW, or something of the sort. Otherwise, I say get the no label.

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  • Impulse
    967 days ago

    it all depends on your situation. do you have money to be droppin? sounds to me that you have some money saved up, you just dont want to have to spend it if you really dont have to.
    ill agree with everyone here, pick up a nice bong that the “average stoner” usually doesnt have the money for. if youre still a little new to smoking as in first year or two, maybe get a cheaper bong, cause you will break some glass in your lifetime.

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  • AlaskanOG
    966 days ago

    ya id say get quality, if you can with that $300 or if you have to save.

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