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storage of bho.

this is a 3 part question,I was wondering how long bho can keep with out losing to much thc(shatter,budder), what stays fresh/potent longer, what you should store it in to preserve the flavor and potency?

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  • ErrlnDank
    1263 days ago

    i do know that while in budder form its pretty much as dry as it can be with all the flakeness so i think having “budder” for a long time will make your errls not as tastey as when you first got them and of course using a glass jar and storing them in a dark cool spot

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  • Maverick
    1261 days ago

    With vacuum purged hunnycomb wax, like I make, and like Chubbs tends to dab in his videos. You can leave it out in open air for weeks and weeks, and it doesnt loose flavor or smell. IMO it gets more smelly and flavorfull.
    Whipped waxs and budders will loose smell and flavor if you let them stay out. Shatter will turn into budder or wax if you let them stay out.

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    • XxWiZrDxX
      1261 days ago

      i vac purge always, its usually shatter unless it is really humid and hot. but i purge it enough i think, i can get a good honey comb sometimes:| the variables are to hard to maintain at the time.