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this song is great. Does anyone else like this song. I feel like this song speak blatant truth.

Its crazy how true this song is if you listen to the lyrics atleast in my area and its sad. FUCK prescription drugs stay high on herb.have a good day everyone. thought i would share the song for you that havent heard it. Reach out to those with addiction problems its serious.

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  • Buddzyy
    923 days ago

    Okay cool but this section of the site is for questions and.. answers (as it is named)

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  • Tree_Hash_Cannoisseur
    923 days ago

    quick question for you? what song are you talking about???

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      923 days ago

      Lol ^^^^ mike cracking me up

    • Mcdabbers503
      923 days ago

      The other question entitled OH SHIT FORGOT TO INCLUDE THE SONG