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Vac-it Pro?

Anyone have any experience with the Vac-it Pro 3 gallon vacuum chamber? I just ordered one to go along with my FJC 3 cfm vacuum pump. Is a pump like this gonna take a long time to pull a vacuum with a 3 gallon chamber?

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  • Skyhighler
    951 days ago

    You’ll be down to 28-29″ Hg in less than a minute. Your dial gauge references ambient air pressure so it won’t read correctly if you’re above sea level. For every thousand feet of elevation you’ll read about one inch of mercury too low. So if you’re five thousand feet up, you’ll read close to 25″ Hg rather than close to 30″ Hg AT FULL VACUUM. Here’s the read:
    Chart here (scroll down) :
    You’re gonna love that chamber!
    Peace, John

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  • Mike-420
    950 days ago

    Well do the math.. its a 3cfm pump which means it can move 3 Cubic feet of air Per min..

    How many cubic feet of air are in a 3 gallon chamber?

    ta dahhhhhhhhhhhhh :D

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    • scarykids
      950 days ago

      Right on! I actually didn’t even know what cfm stood for.

  • MrShido808
    950 days ago

    you might wanna change out the pot in the near future. If i remember correctly, they are made with aluminum chambers. They cave in eventually. Stainless is always recommended. should take 30 sec or so to reach 30 in that chamber.

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  • stanky847
    947 days ago

    copped one, prob did like 4 or 5 runs with it. i use a two stage 3 cfm, and it will pull to 29 in a couple min. close the screw valve tight, and i would air it out for a few days cus mine smelled a lot like uncured silicone smell, and i think it effected my first run i did right when it came.

    i leave my pump running the whole time, about 24 hrs now for full purge.

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    • Chef
      946 days ago

      And your pump doesn’t over heat?! I’ve never read anywhere how long it’s safe to run, but you’ve given me a good idea.

    • stanky847
      946 days ago

      it hasn,t yet, but i figure if it does ill bring it back to harbor freight, and theyll swap it no problem.

      i used to use a mason jar and only vac for a few seconds, and leave it under vac. i leave the vac on now, because one or two ppl using this chamber for a while were doin it that way. so i started doing it, i think it helps to pull moisture out