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Vacuum Purge

What is the benefit Of vacuum purging my oil and if it is necessary can anyone give me a link for a good vacuum chamber. If i remove all the butane by boiling it off is it necessary ?

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  • Jrickey
    1219 days ago

    You can get all the butane out of ur BHO without heating it, which if not done right can ruin a whole batch if too much heat is applied. But Ive had plenty of heat purge done right, A buddy of mine has one of those FoodSavers and has the vaccum containers some of the best BHO in my opinion and it holds a better consistency. If u got the money its worth it to do it that way in my opinion.

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  • TrichJuice
    1218 days ago

    You cant get all the butane out no matter what you do. But…..You can get most of it out by vac purging. Heat only gets a some of the tane out because too much heat can the wax to soldify and get hard like sexy oil. That makes it impossible for the butane bubbles to escape. Whipping also causes it to solidify trapping the tane. Heat it to 120 degrees and vac purge until it turns completely dry and is clumbly honeycomb. Heres a video link to help you out…..

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    • Maverick
      1204 days ago

      This is exactly right. The guy answerd it the way I would. I also like how he pointed out that you cant get all of the tane out no matter what. even toasting the oil at 250F, for 6 hours, still leaves in butane. No taste

  • ErrlnDank
    1217 days ago

    also on another addition if you vac purge at too high hhg or whatever it was called you can ruin your batch of bho as well so becareful vac purged bho also takes the taste out of the errl more then heat purging ive had both and if done correctly they both have no tane left in it but your left with different cosistencys one is more controlable as in how you want it to be and vac purging just turns it dry and crumbly so the decision is yours if you want to try the proper heat purge just go to google and type in “HMK BHO heat purge”

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