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venting in a closet grow

i have a 5′/2′/4′ grow tent in my closet with no venting other then opening the cloest door. I cant cut any holes or find any vents and im running a 600 wa hps in there and im gona be adding an inline fan but i have no were to blow the exhaust other then out of the tent and into the closet. Im gona geta carbon filter for the smell but what should i do about the heat?

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  • Skyhighler
    1042 days ago

    If you knew what you were doing, and there’s a closet ceiling light with an opening to the attic, you could temporarily remove the light assembly (might as well use that circuit for your power,) and exhaust through your attics vents. Might be able to suck enough air in from under the door it there’s a large gap…add a separate intake fan if necessary. If you just leave the closet door open, you can’t just leave an open window in the room, lot of moisture and heat to move, plan on a window fan at least…Peace, John

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    • DankHydroKush
      1041 days ago

      nothing in the ceiling like i said theres no vents or anything. im just gona open the door everyday and keep the air flow steady with my fan

      1041 days ago

      i tried the opening door thing doesnt work i got mold

  • Skyhighler
    1041 days ago

    If you would like to experiment snaking through the house for a more direct connection to the outside, vinyl vent duct is cheap and readily available at home improvement stores: Use the high temp dryer vent version for up near the lamp…Peace, John

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    • DankHydroKush
      1041 days ago

      im already gona be getting this to connect my inline fan to the hood