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Wet or dry trimming

Ive heard of people trimming down to final form before drying and of people drying before trimming anything at all off. Opinions on such? Differences? Or is it better to trim several times throughout drying?

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  • app25
    1229 days ago

    Personally I like how my product turns out with multiple trim sessions. Depending on the plant and the strain the plant is, i will take the time to do seperate operations. If i have a fire plant with thick dense indica nuggs vs bottom bud skinny sativa stalks i will do more sessions and care with the better thicker bud than with skinny non-worthy buds. Given that if you want to do 7 different trim jobs on shitty weed go ahead if you want to take the time to perfectly cure and trim your trophy meds than go ahead its really the time you want to invest and the actual amount of curing the bud needs if you wait too long in between trim sessions you might dry out your nugs with an over cure. Long story short i trim my worthy buds usually 4 times just so i can see them multiple times to catch any trim i missed and to give an even cure to the center of the nug. Anything else i usually trim 1 or 2 times, im not going to take the time to wrap shit in a bow lol

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    • 1228 days ago

      I gotcha dogg. Thanks for the info. Will trimming guard leaves off your prize nuggets really allow a more even cure throughout the actual nugget? Too cool. Keep toking bro

  • 1228 days ago

    Get the big leafs first then dry and trim the smaller sugar leafs, because if you want to make bho, wet trim will freeze and might explode very dangerous.

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  • 1228 days ago

    My answer is based solely on opinion.. as of lately (last few harvests) I’ve been pulling all the sucker leaf off and throwing it away, then doing a full trim and and drying/lighly curing the sweetleaf and spraying it mmmm BHO very tasty! Once the stem snaps on the nuggets drying on rack (chicken wire) I transfer the nuggets to jars to sweat then leave them for as long as I possibly can in the jar unopened and once cured I smoke/spray away!

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