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What do you think of winterized BHO?

I feel like I’ve been hearing more and more about winterized concentrates lately. Have you guys tried them? Do you think it’s really more pure than straight bho?

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  • Chubbs
    766 days ago

    The problem is actually knowing whether or not it’s been winterized for real or not.

    The stuff we get at CPA from WCC that has been winterized is definitely better. Is cleaner.

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  • soursteve
    766 days ago

    Seems like a good way to clean up left over butane without ruining flavor with too much heat.

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  • DrjetAZ
    766 days ago

    i feel like unless your TERMINALLY ill that its pointless..

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    • redlaser
      766 days ago

      Do you think its pointless because it doesnt effectively eliminate butane, propane etc.? Or are you saying the amounts left in bho are relatively acceptable? I can’t say that I have made up my mind yet but if it cleans it up at all it seems worth it although my efforts have been only okay so far

  • chitownbud
    766 days ago

    I think for the most part its overrated, if your running proper top shelf material PROPERLY you shouldnt have any problems and if your really worried about possibly smoking trace amounts of butane you shouldnt be smoking bho in the first place IMO.

    it almost seems like this is a technique used to increase the price…..i.e. that $100 bhobombline bullshitt!!

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  • TheBigDabowski
    765 days ago

    If the extraction artist purges correctly there is no need to winterize bho at all IMO

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  • Tebin
    764 days ago

    Marketing ploy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,nothing and I mean nothing cannabis related should cost 100+ a gram. End of story you’re not changing my mind. I can make just as good myself and it will only cost 6 dollars plus however much cannabis I choose to use. When you start charging 100/g you’re stepping on coke and meth prices and I want nothing to do with anything that taints cannabis’ already tainted image. People who pay these prices are only setting the rest of us back and giving the haters fuel for marijuana prohibition.

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    • dallas
      764 days ago

      This is one of those things that never stops annoying me. 100 a gram is not a standard it is an exception based on a “demand” for some smokers to have “the best of the best”. If there is a market/demand for top nugg concentrates then of course there will be a supply.

      What I guess I don’t understand is that these “designer” waxes aren’t taking over the shelves at CPA or anywhere else. Suggesting that 100 a gram OPTIONS for patients contribute to prohibition is akin to saying that Grey Goose or BMW brands contribute to the prohibition of alcohol and automobiles.

      These are not the future of meds, but they are but a small segment of a host of options for patients to choose from. What you are saying (essentially) is that people shouldn’t have the option for these waxes because you don’t think they should.

    • Chef
      764 days ago

      Trust me winterizing is not a gimmick. I have used that technique to further refine oils myself; so please re-evaluate what you think of as a marketing ploy and how others are setting “the rest of you back”…

    • K-Budzz
      763 days ago

      i like your profile picture tebin

    • Tebin
      762 days ago

      dallas: I dont think they should be denied anything,I’m just saying that those super high prices are not helping the legitimacy of Medical Marijuana. In fact they seem more like a way to get high and in the non-mmj community these prices sound like dope prices and they assume it’s the same thing. I just don’t and for some reason cannot see the justification of 100+/g for medical marijuana related prices.

      Chef: if you can do it that’s awesome man,you’ve always done some killers waxes. I just can’t see the compassion in these sort of gimmicky sounding things any more. Anyone here remember “Royal Jelly” and how ridiculously over-priced it was? I just tend to view these things the same way.

      K-Budzz: Thanks I do as well. I wish I could dress my cat like that but she’d kill me.