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what does it take to grow AAA quality bud?

what i really want to know is what type of nutrients are best used for growing and how hard is it really to grow good good bud? in other words is it just really putting your time into it and taking good care of them?

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  • DrjetAZ
    818 days ago

    if you have to ask you dont have it.. its a way of life, a mentality you have to be able to read plants and let the plants tell you what they want i wish there was a recipe you could write down but honestly theres about 1000 factors that come into cannabis growth from room size temp humidity type of lights hood ballasts.. temps thru flower drying curing how long you run your plants are only a few factors to get the best of the best you need to put the plants before anything else in your life and give them every last thing they want and need.. then once youve given them everything youve got ive them 15% more of you and thats how you get AAA.. or you buy it.. and its not about the nutes or money u can run Advanced nutrients connisuer some of the most expensive nutes but you may like organic flowers better which most do so you wouldnt want to go anywhere near an… general organics is great for organics and not super difficult.. then again if you truly want the cleanest burn you can achieve you would want to run veganics.. so theres really 100 roads to get you to the bomb just need to lock in every factor from room construction all the way down to curing and drying once every factor in between is taken care of your bud will be killer hope that helps im pretty dabbed out so i know i just rambled..

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    • StonedHero
      817 days ago

      On point man, dab rambling or not haha

  • ErrlnDank
    818 days ago

    every strain is different and takes different amount of everything so.. to be honest the best way to answer this question is experience and knowledge there is no 1 single way of growing a “AAA” strain i would just grow and experiment and flush out products you dont want to use experiment and focus on 1 strain once you perfected that single strain you can move to another or continue to grow that strain i would highly recommend not to change strains every grow

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  • redlaser
    818 days ago

    Check out subcool420′s channel on youtube, he has 109 videos with him giving tips and showing how he does it. Puts out more grow info than most. Probably won’t answer questions though cause they are busy. I like the TGA strains I’ve tried.

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  • Tebin
    809 days ago

    Time,patience,understanding,and a positive outlook. You will fuck up a few times until you get your process down but after that it’s gravy. Use sunshine mix #4 soil mixed with equal parts worm castings(worm shit), and use distilled water. Any type of lighting whether it be CFL,LED,HPS,or MH will work and you have to monitor the temperatures religiously. Other than that i can’t really help you.

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