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What happened to the daily video uploads? User submitted videos dont count.

The user submitted videos are total filler and I only watch them if they have a lot of views. I wake up every morning and hop on Nuggetry in hopes of a video from the Nuggetry Crew. Lately it has only been user submitted videos which are not nearly the same. Are you guys on a break or having difficulties getting together? I know Toph moved to San Francisco i think.

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  • Chubbs
    783 days ago

    I am changing things up (again). NTV is going to remain mostly user submitted videos with the occasional video from from me, LDog, Shane and/or Toph.

    Filming all the time is getting harder and harder as we get busier and busier.

    You’ll like the redesign for sure, trust me. ;)

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    • jibbler
      783 days ago

      This is exactly what I… no, We have been hoping for. You guys rock for sure. Keep it up.

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  • jibbler
    783 days ago

    Yeah I do agree somewhat. For one… ALL user submitted videos should be uploaded. Not just the ones deemed worthy of viewing. That’s not how we put the ‘You’ in Tube… so to speak. Especially since the user submitted section was started for exactly that purpose, if I remember correctly.

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  • Impulse
    783 days ago

    well i heard a great way to solve this is to close your browser. it does work! ive had to close my browser a few times on the user sub vids. i basically watch all the vids, but when i start hearing bad quality audio and its on some old cam phone, thats when i say fuck this shit and close the damn vid.

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    783 days ago

    I stopped watching nuggetry tv all together… Its boring and very repetitive… Bring back the GOOD videos. Still use the site, but video sections is useless.

    The new glass section is awesome though!!!

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    • doee
      782 days ago

      i agree man totally, even before shane and toph stopped making vids here, their last like 6 videos were exactly the same, the sappy bho they had looked exactly the same in every video, they used almost exactly the same words to describe them etc….it was simply retarded imo. hoping that chubbs is right and that whatever they going to do will be good