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what is the best vape pen for flower?

i love the look of the Atmos Raw but from the reviews i’ve read, it seems like alot of people are claiming that it doesn’t actually vape but combust…

i’m looking for a sleek looking vape pen exclusively for flower..can you guys give me some advice and info about which way to go?

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  • Hans420
    945 days ago

    get the arizer solo, it has a glass piece which i enjoy very much. It goes for 250.00 on there website but ebay where i got mine was 150.00 and i got a 2 year warranty through the guy.

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  • Schadey
    944 days ago

    Get a pax man, I’m using mine right now haha. As long as you keep her clean she’s a champ. Also, it’s quite easy to make a whip/bong attachment which easily doubles the enjoyment of vaping as your vapor is cooled significantly. Great vape man, check it out.

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    • Schadey
      944 days ago

      Oh, and it retail’s for 250 with a lifetime warranty.

      ps: the flavor is down right pungent from a pax