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What is the difference between wax/budder and shatter/glass and oil?

I’d like to know the process differences behind the different consistencies (wax/shatter/oil) and how one would judge the quality of a given bho concentrate without trying it.

Clearly consistency is important (wax/shatter/oil), but does color (light/ dark) also indicate purity?

Shatter (or the amber, see-through, hardened bho variety) has been the most common form I’ve encountered thus far in the NW, but I’ve heard that wax/budder is popular in SoCal- could someone explain why?

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  • letsrun420
    1249 days ago

    The answer to this could go really really deep haha. Ill try and make it short. my experience is with butane and water extracts. wax and shatter (oil) are essentially the same extract, in different consistencies. Depending on the amount of heat applied, number of purges, whipping or not and the use of the vac purge method. If you are making bho and continue to change out the water with boiling watter, you will end up with shatter (i suggest whipping a little bit so it comes off the pan easier). To make a wax/ budder the bho is whipped with air (forcing out the butane) or put into a vac purge machine repeatedly. (pulling out the air and butane leaving a crumbly wax consistency). I should also ass the quality of your product will be dependent on a super refined butane (5x atleast) and the quality of your trim. Leaves and shake= green wax. Buds and crystals= gold wax. It all is messy and takes practice, but the payoff is solid gold :)

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