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What is the shelf life of wax, shatter?

Does wax go bad after a certain amount of time?

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  • Mcdabbers503
    780 days ago

    If its sitting out in the open air wax can degrade but if you put a lid on it ur good for a while

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  • Mrthc_420
    779 days ago

    yeah it does, the taste will change and it willhave legit no taste anymore because the terpines arent in tact with the wax. i had 5dabs of some bomb stuff called kbomb that taste like banana kush and after a month or so it had absolutely no taste whatsoever

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  • Heaven10
    779 days ago

    if no light or air gets to it then it will be good for about 2 or 3 months, maybe even more if its never opened. Ive left well purged wax at home while away at college for months at a time double jarred in a dark space and ive come back to it and it looks about the same sometimes alittle dryer, still taste good too.

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  • Herowalker
    778 days ago

    I don’t think wax can get much worse than it is already but I do feel it does degrade still. Shatter on the other hand should turn into a sugar texture, thats always the case with mine. I think the sugar has less flavor then the shatter it once wax. I’ve had shatters sometimes get sugary on me right after i got home after the clinic and some other shatters wont turn into sugar/wax no matter what it seems. I tried making this shatter I had into sugar by putting under my hot light for a couple hours and after it was still shatter.

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