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what is wax?what is vac purging?how is wax made ?i know u can make oil into wax,i was just

wondering the procces-step by step, Thank You

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  • GulfCoast
    986 days ago

    Learn to use youtube.

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    • jtwpayne
      986 days ago

      to much misinformation -lol’

  • Mike-420
    985 days ago

    There is no 1 step by step processes to making wax..the main ingredients are Heat and time :D

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  • MrShido808
    985 days ago

    There are so many different ways brotha. wax is just a term used to describe “honeycomb/crumbly bho”. You are really in the wrong place to ask these kind of questions. Your best bet is to join forums like Tokecity and Rollitup, you will learn everything you need to know. Youtube is also a good source to cross reference what you learn at forums, and yes, there are lots of mis information, but its your job to sort threw it all.

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  • Capecod710
    985 days ago

    get a qu-tip and put it in ur ear then smoke it

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  • Lukaroast
    983 days ago

    Wax is concentrated weed, like vodka is to beer. When you make wax you.need an extractor, and a substance to extract it with. Butane is most common. Vacuum purging is what is done to get all of the butane used to extract the thc out of the concentrate. Hope i helped

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