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whats the best screen size for making kief ?

and are there better options i can make with my trim sugar leaf and small buds? i have maybe a pound. its a mix of J1,Og kush and Hindu Kush. I am not experienced at how to make kief or anything like that but i want to try.i already have cheesecloth and a fine screen (maybe too fine? screen) but i am willing to buy anything reason.thank you for your help, Pieces,Brian

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  • alpha
    1056 days ago

    there are a few different ones I think. I always thought 120 micron is it? Have you ever tried BHO? Because if I had a poundof sugar trim and smaller buds-thats what I’d be doing. I love a good pile of kief to pile on some cheeba too.

    Really unsure on the size though sorry-I tried looking at space case grinders site to see what they use-no luck.

    ok i found it yes it is -for flat screen kiefing 140-120-didi a search for what size micron is best to seperate kief

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  • tdotbudz
    1056 days ago

    i did the dry ice method with 120 microns, you can use 90 microns just means you won’t get as much the but it will be better quality.

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