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whats the cheapest way to dab

i just made some oil for the first time with my buddy and it turned out great but i dont have a rig and im kinda low on money.

but what would be the cheapest set up to dab? im getting a daber for free so i dont have to worry about that, i just would like to know if theres a cheap set up like under 25-40

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  • reactor420
    958 days ago

    Empty gallon of water/milk & cut off the button, get those vapor wand paddles off aqualab, and then heat the wands up, press the oil together with them, use the empty gallon jug to inhale.

    Ghetto, but it’s been done.

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  • Dleafsmoke
    958 days ago

    Here are some options:

    -> If you have a bong with a glass on glass fitting than you can get a cheap dome setup for the bong. at the shop i work they are as cheap as $40 they are completely clear and come with a boro nail.

    -> if you dont have a piece to use you can get an oil pipe, its basically a dry pipe for oils, it can be a harsher warmer hit but is very effective. these setups can run you $25-90 depending on the nails used and company.

    -> you can use oil to roll joints with. I reverse wrap a paper around a finger so that the inside is exposed. the warmth from your finger should allow you to spread out a layer of oil across the paper, than roll with bud and smoke.

    -> small glass “crack pipes” that have a small spoon on one end and a small glass straw on the other can be useful for travel, heat up the spoon end until red hot, than dab and inhale. not the classiest thing to do but for $10-15 its a cheap and effective way, some people calls this a “hot knives pipe”.

    -> hippy dabs as I have called them work well too instead of topping a bowl and smoking you pack just some bud and spark the bowl, as soon as you have a decent read cherry you dab onto said cherry which flash vaporizes the oil and will give you a very big tasty hit.

    -> pack a bowl and smoke it on top

    Some glass sites will have deals on $99 rigs that come with a clear dome and boro nail so keep an eye out the fizzer on HPG/ grasshoppa rigs on foundationgallery/wicked sands and the wilson bros on aqua labs. All of these are small clear functional rigs that are around $100. Good luck happy dabs.

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  • Capecod710
    958 days ago

    A lot of head shops have dry oil pipes with dome and glass nail for pretty cheap…

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  • SamsonSimpson
    957 days ago

    Plug that shit big homie, it’s gets you high as the sky…

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    • chris138
      957 days ago

      “plug”…? like in a kief press? even with parchment in the rite places sounds like a huge mess…idk. could u explain a little,im interested..thnx

    • Herowalker
      957 days ago