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who won best vaporizer and best vape pen in the kush kup?

Hey guys I missed the event anybody knows who won best vaporizer and best vape pen?

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  • Oilhead420
    1048 days ago

    I missed it too,but the best 2 on the market are the thermovape revolution/dart or an omicron/persei. I prefer the thermovape because you don’t have to heat your concentrates and ruin terps, some people have a problem because you can only load the thermovape with .2 at a time, but if that’s what it takes to get the best tasting and fat hits I’ll take it. The Persei and omicron are great and hold a gram, but like I said I don’t like that you have to heat your concentrate to fill it. Also the thermovape will work with bubble hash and kief, the omicron wont. Both companies make a portable vaporizer that also works with bud.

    Anything with those cheap little batteries that are USB charges or if it has any type of cotton wick, it’s all bad and not even meant for concentrates. They are e cigs rebranded for medical marijuana use and are not even good for it. Plastic fumes and vegetable glycerin is a nono.

    I’m just letting you guys know because I work in the market with all of these vaporizers and tried them all. I’m an oil head, hence the name, if you want good avice, take it.

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    • Mrskunk420
      1048 days ago

      what about the g-pen??

    • ej2389
      1047 days ago

      Gpen isn’t as good as thermovape. Thermovape is more durable, and you won’t get a gtank that goes crazy at the end of its life and almost burns down your house like mine did.