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Would putting a glycerin tincture into a tank style e-cig work?

I have a Volcano brand Inferno 3.7V 1000mAh E-Cig with a Tube Tank attachment with a 4Ml 1.5ohm dual coil cartomizer. I want to find out if a glycerin tincture would work good in this or at all. And also what a recommended recipe would be for small quantities. Thanks

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  • Mike-420
    971 days ago

    since im very familiar with e-cigs including the volcano brand ( former user :D )

    I’ll take this one! :D

    First yer volcano is a peace of shit .. So is the company your buying from BUT my opinions on those issues aside and a small plug for my own e-cig i use after leaving valcano behind ( PRO-Vari )

    Ok that said NO! it will NOT WORK and you will just have waysted one of yer 2$ atomizers.. :D

    with that said there is a new atomizer i just saw yesterday that WILL work with this however it wont fit your e-cig :\

    Keep an eye out tho there coming out with new shit all the time for tube tanks in FACT..

    These may work !!! Im planning on ordering a few actually to replace my currently Version 1 style DCT 1.5ohm..

    Anyway theres options and adapters just need to find the right atomizer designed to vape concentrates.. and also your gonna need a more powerfull e-cig that can vape up to 6 volts yer 3.7 wont get hot enuff to vape the errl nor would it hold power LONG enuff …

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    • lucky10
      971 days ago

      Damn. so even if I were to go get a different carto it still wouldnt work? like a non tube style. My friend has a lavatube so if we were to use that which volcano attachment would you recommend for us? Sadly we are kind of limited to volcano brand. Also recipe suggestions?

    • Mike-420
      971 days ago

      The real problum lies with the cut off switch they have and i think the lava tubes is somewhere around 8-11 seconds which is REALLY short .. with most of the cannabis attys u need to heat that fucker up for 20-30 seconds at a time the lavatube cant do it and will error out on ya.. :\

      as far as what one from volcano .. none are suited for such thick liquid.. it would clog/kill any atty they offer atm.. and i highly doubt volcano will EVER offer a concentrate atty sadly..

    • lucky10
      971 days ago

      Even this recipe right. It does use oil so it may not be as thick

    • Mike-420
      971 days ago

      2oz. USP Food Grade Veg. Glycerin <— VERY THICK.. Think Mollasses thick..

      add bho to that.. yer making glue..

      Like i said its not so much the recipie as there is attys that will fire that very thick mess.. The issue is the e-cig its self and its auto shut off timer of a very short 8 seconds..

      Feel free to try this on a cheap atty and you'll quickly see what im refering to also yer gonna get a burnt nasty flavored hit from burning the cotton inside yer atty cause this just is just TOO thick w/ bho in it.. even on its own its too thick.